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Why Eat at an Expensive Restaurant?

Some people must be surprised when they eat in fancy and expensive restaurants but find the food served in small portions. It turns out that there are several reasons that underlie this phenomenon is common. Many people must be curious about the taste of food in expensive restaurants near me. Generally, people are curious about the taste of the food, whether it is worth the high price.

The first reason is in the processing process. The food processing process in expensive restaurants is usually more specialized. Especially for foods made from caviar. This food is super expensive because it is made from sturgeon fish eggs.

The food menus in expensive restaurants are actually made with smaller portions. The reason, of course, is that this small portion of food looks more elegant and luxurious. The process of arranging food is also easier on the plate because the portions are small. You can certainly see the difference between the food menus of luxury restaurants and warungs. The food stall menu that was impressed with the large portions looked very full and crowded. While small food portions will spoil the visuals of the guests when the food is being served.