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Which Do You Choose, Leather Sofa or Fabric Sofa?

Choosing a material or upholstery for a sofa is indeed difficult and easy, here. Various things such as your lifestyle, who lives in your house, costs, to hobbies, are some things to consider before you decide to buy a sofa. Two sofa upholstery materials that now seem to be the prima donna are leather and fabric. These two minimalist sofa materials certainly have different characteristics, levels of comfort, and treatment methods. So that you don’t get confused, here is a comparison of leather sofas in stock and fabric sofas that we have compiled especially for you!

One of the things that become very important to note when you want to buy a minimalist sofa is to consider how difficult or easy it is to maintain the sofa. Leather sofas and fabric sofas certainly have different ways of care. If you are looking for the best -, visit our website.

Sofa fabric: The upholstery material on fabric sofas tends to have properties that are easier to absorb dust, stains, or liquid spills. But you can choose the type of fabric upholstery such as linen, cotton, and wool. These three materials tend to be easier to breathe and clean. For how to take care of the fabric sofa as a whole, you can use a vacuum cleaner for daily maintenance.

Leather sofas: Leather sofas are indeed much favored by many people because apart from being timeless, leather sofas are also easier to clean. For treatment of dust, you can wipe or clean it with a half-wet cloth. But you also have to be smart in choosing the leather material used on the sofa, yes! Sometimes, due to the high price of genuine leather, many sellers deliberately use synthetic leather but with poor quality, so the material will easily crack and peel.