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Use Vinegar To Clean Tiles

Cleaning bathroom tiles is indeed tricky and difficult. Simply rubbed or cleaned using a cloth, water or other cleaning material. While the difficulty of cleaning the bathroom floor is dirt that has been stuck for a long time, so it is very difficult to remove. Besides, ceramics that have been aged for a long time, tend to lose its shiny colors and look dull. This can be caused by dirt that has settled and hasn’t been cleaned for a long time. If you haven’t cleaned the bathroom tiles for too long with the help of ultrabritecarpettilecleaning.com service, then the dirt will harden, so that it will cover the surface of the ceramic. As a result, the dull ceramics can spoil the view of the tile floor even in the bathroom.


Although the ceramics are expensive and are made of the best materials, if they are rarely cleaned, they are no different from standard grade ceramics. Before it’s too late, it’s best to start taking care of the ceramics in the bathroom. And maintenance or how to clean bathroom ceramics is not too difficult. Well, quoting from various sources, here are tips on cleaning the colors that are already dull. Below is a natural material used for cleaning so that the ceramics in the bathroom shine again as new.

Using Vinegar. Vinegar is not only beneficial for cooking or health but can also be used to remove dull stains found in ceramics. How to clean dull bathroom ceramics using vinegar is not difficult. Prepare the vinegar solution first. Then the solution is poured into the ceramic floor area that looks dull color. Then leave it for about 15 minutes. After that, scrub the ceramic surface or floor using a dry cloth, until the dull color disappears. The last step to clean the dull bathroom tile is to add the usual fragrance to clean the floor in the living room or other. This is so that the smell from the vinegar disappears.
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