The mission of Spiritual Science Bible Studies is to enliven the Old and New Testaments by clear, unbiased thinking that reaches beyond intellectual confinement. Through this type of spiritual thinking we are able to gain a renewed and deeper understanding of the Bible and the mysteries of Scripture. Our organization is not affiliated with any religious group and is free from any dogma or sectarianism. There is also encouragement to think for oneself and to ask questions about anything that does not seem clear.

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Have you ever questioned the biblical doctrines you grew up learning in the Christian Church? Do you find it hard to believe in an eternal Hell that God created to throw his uncooperative children away? Has the Bible been difficult for you to understand because you have only been taught the literal stories in it, and never heard the deeper symbolic meanings hidden in Genesis, Revelations, The Ten Commandments, The Lord’s Prayer, and Jesus parables? Have you ever wished you could understand the deeper metaphysical truths of the Bible but knew you couldn’t learn them by going to church on Sunday? It is my life’s purpose as a spiritual healer to offer the world a more complete picture of their Divine Spiritual Selves. I have been initiated by Master teachers to translate the mystical teachings of Christianity and to connect how all the other religions and their prophets had the same goal in mind…to teach their people through higher states of consciousness how to know themselves through the eyes of God. Our goal is to eventually attain the Christ Consciousness that Jesus himself embodied when he became a co-creator with the Spirit of God and carried that awareness into this place so that he might show us what our Higher Selves are capable of…miraculous healings, overcoming material limitation, and ultimately seeing through the illusion of this world which urges us to believe that we are flawed beings.

If you are just beginning on your path of self-discovery I would love to help you navigate your journey! If you are already a student of world religion and metaphysical knowledge I would love to offer you courses and mentorship that would serve to further your devotion to the Spiritual Path. Through Skype sessions and/or phone consultations I help people get in touch with the areas of their life that require healing, by helping them to understand why physical and emotional blockages have manifested. We all create externally what we have not yet healed internally; as that disconnect first began when we forgot who we were in God and adopted core beliefs about ourselves that were less than holy. Through the teachings of Jesus as the Christ and other Spiritual Masters I bring to you an opportunity to “Know Thyself”, in a more intimate way and to reveal to you a way to find peace through study, forgiveness and acts of unconditional love.

“Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches (to You). To the one who is victorious (to You who seeks to understand), I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.” (Revelations 2:7)

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